Syria invasion of Turkish troops

Middle East whether the light is on the peace - think about ... Turkey was a geopolitically important strategic base as a relay point of East-West trade from the old days. The United States and the Soviet Union (Russia), as a country that connects Europe and the Middle East, Turkey has the history that has maintained a military force in also other NATO countries to disarmament after the end of the Cold War. We'll look at the troop formation. The military power of the strategically important country from ancient times 0 years October day (water), the Turkish army launched a cross-border military operations against Syria. Northern Syria is Kurdish forces effective control, fighting between the Turkish army and Kurdish armed forces have been made. Turkey penetrate the north-south Bosphorus Strait is the country that connects the Mediterranean and the Black Sea, in the military to be an important country as Europe and Asia of contact, we have a member in NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization). Large 0 turkey 0 Syria invasion just before the 0 years October day, Turkish armored vehicle in guarding the along the border with Syria along with the US Army armored vehicles (both middle) (Image: US Army).

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