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Middle East whether the light is on the peace - think about ... Tragedy occurred in Yuyoku. While that has been suspect and the eye is Osama bin error Dinh born in Saudi Arabia, he has issued a statement to deny the crime. Looking back, it can be said that the Gulf War of 1979 Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and the 1991 has grown terrorists. He went to Afghanistan as a Muslim volunteers, the formation of the anti-communist Islamic international network called the [Afghan Arab]. US CIA had funded the Islamic forces through Pakistan from the point of view of Soviet strategy, but after the end of the Cold War, was press the [Afghan Arab] no use of the brand in with the Taliban. After all, bin Laden went transformed into Muslim terrorists who recite the jihad to the United States the opportunity the Gulf War. Palestinian Israeli conflict are glimpses in the background of the continuous terrorist attacks. 1990 nine, January 2nd, eight days Arua Kssar intifada later broke out in, on the Middle East peace process is the fact by the mediation of President Bill Clinton, because had collapsed.

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