Crude oil prices continued to the Middle East came out likely to ...

Middle East whether the light is on the peace - think about ... US WTI crude oil futures prices are seesawing has followed since the beginning of the month (transition between the mid from the barrel = 0 dollars the first half). Retaliation of the chain of US-China trade war does not stop. Beichu the two governments to date has begun showing signs of chicken games, etc. to announce retaliatory measures against the additional duty of the partner countries, it has cast a dark shadow on the crude oil market. Effects of demo prolonged Hong Kong brings to the crude oil market First let's look at the demand side. Also in the United States it is the first place of crude oil demand countries world are beginning to adversely affect trade disputes with China. Moon announced in mid-the manufacturing sector purchasing managers' business index (PMI) preliminary value is less than 0, which is the turning point of good recession to about 0 years. Gasoline demand is not Moriagara in spite of the summer drive season. The first place a situation where not even be China, the crude oil demand countries of the world have followed.

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