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Middle East whether the light is on the peace - think about ... For that tanker cough is attacked, the United States and Iran have been the description at all inconsistent. Maikuponpeo Secretary of State of the United States, as quickly and resolutely, it was deprecated in singled out Iran. [This decision is confidential information, use weapons, the level of expertise required for the operations carried out, attack by the recent Iran against ships, and, so much take a highly sophisticated behavior courage and skill of the that area in have to have tissue was talking about Pompeo said] is based on no other. This is a pretty tough decision. But, those confidential information of what nature, about what analysis of tanker vessels of the damage has been supported much in the other information (such as tracking information such as an artificial satellite on the movement of other ships that were involved in the attack) is , it has not been shown little details. Hasty decision would some say dangerous. If the United States is some correspondence, especially if are thinking of military response, it must seek to many countries, including the allies to explain the exact details of the confidential information.

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