Saudi VS Iran to the Middle East Fa [World War III] rush ...

Middle East whether the light is on the peace - think about ... Leader Saudi Arabia of slum Christian Sunnis, that broke off diplomatic relations with the major powers Iran's Shiite, the situation in the Middle East is tense. Begins to move towards the United States and Russia mediation, the United Nations is also desperately trying to stave off the explosion, there is also a Sunni countries tuned in Saudi Arabia, through the military conflict from the conflict intensified, it began to be pointed out to the nightmare of World War III It was. By any chance, if the clash is Saudi Arabia and Iran, whether either integrally tactics go up. It was analyzed national power and military forces of the two countries. [(Middle East) region, already a state, such as a gunpowder barrel (fatigue)] Kuru Tulum Gerhard Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey, lamented this. Following the Saudi, Bahrain and Sudan, had announced a Danko with Iran, Kuwait government day, he recalled the ambassador Iran ambassador. In addition, Saudi Arabia has led, Arab League is 0 days to make in countries mechanism of the Middle East Africa, that open the emergency of the Foreign Ministers' Meeting.

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